Technical assistance for mapping or for the exploitation of GIS databases

Technical assistance

You have difficulty to organize your geographic data, exploit them and develop, and you only have little time to devote to these tasks.
I propose you to accompany you step by step to perform these tasks
Our common objective will be to define together a working method that you can put into practice and improve.
This support includes:

  • expertise on the nature and quality of the geographic data you want to operate.
  • assistance in the collection and missing geographical data formatting.
  • assistance in the choice of the software best suited to carry out this work.
  • assistance on site, in the implementation of the processing of data and the creation of maps.

Collecting and formatting data

I assure:

  • the collection of existing data from public or private partners.
  • the creation of geographical databases from data collected in the field or by photo-interpretation.
  • the geocoding of address files
  • verification of the technical characteristics of the data.

Exploitation of data

I realize on the collected data queries, processing and formatting mapping so that you have documents ready to be analyzed or integrated into your study reports.
The data produced can be used with most common GIS software: Mapinfo, Arcgis or Qgis.