Cartography and GIS: independent company specializing in the creation and operation of database geographic, mapping and GIS software training.


If you have arrived on this page, is that looking perhaps a cartographer, or a geomatics or GIS trainer yet.

I am cartographer wideranging and for more than 20 years I perform my job with passion.
I am independent, this means that I exercise on my own account and I'm bound to any company marketing geographical data or editing software or GIS applications.

I am speaking from the private or public sector undertakings to assist in the creation and operation of database geographical, to make mapping or to provide training.

During your visit, you will find a description of the services I offer, training programs and examples of realization. However, if you wish to have additional information do not hesitate to contact me, you will find my contact information below.


Cartography and GIS
45, subdivision San Bovieri
Phone: 04 42 58 28 09
Portable: 06 30 41 18 41
SIRET: 45366665300028