2013 Expertise hydrogeomorphic Gard rhodanien - update own cartographic documents with Mapinfo v11-Ville de Saint - Laurent - of - trees
2013 Formatting maps for atlas of the Department of Vaucluse CG 84 colleges
2012 Cartographic representations for the mission of diagnosis of the biodiversity of 5 municipalities in the PNR of the Perche - PNR perch / BE age
2012 Creating a GIS document for the local hydro-geomorphological study city of Bagnols-sur-Cèze
2012 Mapping of point locations for the sale of proximity for the study TRAMFRET RP in collaboration with junction
2011 Habitat mapping natural Natura 2000 site Gardon of Saint John in collaboration with EPC
2011 Mapping of socio-economic data for the the prospective study on logistics in PACA in collaboration with junction
2011 Mapping impact assessment in collaboration with Médiaterre
2011 Mapping for the study countries step Dignois v. DIETERLEN

Technical assistance

2012/2013 Study on the qualification of agricultural areas the country of Royans CC
2010-2011 Study of the ecological continuities of the Department of the Var DREAL PACA
2010 Ecological study for the reclassification of the NB areas through the development of the Plu of Auriol - collection and processing of data, technical assistance and mapping city of H-AUAD-Auriol GOMILA


2013 Scanning documents mapping floods DREAL PACA
2012 A database for knowledge creation and management of exposure of 13 Habitat to natural and technological hazards 13 habitat heritage
2010 Creating a geographical database based on hydraulic studies of reference DREAL PACA
2010 Technical assistance for the development of a data base geographical habitats H. GOMILA


Public and community organizations:

DRIRE Lorraine, Communauté d ' agglomération of saint Etienne, National Committee of maritime and fisheries farms sailors, DRASS Languedoc-Roussillon, CAUE CALD of Drôme, GC13, INGEROP, city of Lyon, CRAM Languedoc Roussillon, INAO, Civil Aviation, URSSAF, Direction centre (equipment), CPAM Vaucluse

Studies and engineering offices

Studies and engineering offices

Archambault Council, BE the Moulin de Lucy, HRI engineer Council, grouping of the bats of Provence, SFR, EMSYS, SIALIS, firm Christian QUAIL - hydrogeologist, BOCAGE, Office Weachter, firm Baker, Naturalia, GEREEA, INGEROP, Hervé GOMILA - environmental, Catherine DIETERLEN engineer - urban planner, EGIS rail, CERGA SAS, BE CESAME, LPO PACA, B2G, Hortesie, AUDE urbanism